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About 5 or 7 years back I was looking for a different work truck to put a dump bed. Found a '95 Chevy 6.5 diesel with a flat bed. Test drive it, kinda liked the truck, but after doing some research and having my dad talk to a couple guys that are big diesel heads I was advised, highly, to NOT waste my money on that truck. Besides just being weak engines, all of the above stories were relayed to me as well. The fact that they usually blow at around 80K miles on average. It was winter at the time so I wasn't able to hook onto my trailer for a good test, but I was told they were basically NOT pulling trucks...

Of course now I don't know if I went in the right direction again. My current '95 1 ton HD has a big block, gets 5 to 6 mpg and probably cranks out a whopping 150 horsepower! Has to be the weakest big block ever made. Only thing it has going for it is that it actually doesn't burn oil! If I had any common sence I'd have that thing in a shop right now getting new heads, cam, and lifters put on.
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