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Wow I'm at work right now, could only make it through about 14pages right now. Thanks for the bump, and thanks to Procut. As a guy who has been doing this part time for 7 years finally going to grow this year it is a very useful thread. My plan has never been to get huge, had too many people tell me stay small. I find out tomorrow if my full time job will let me go part time, if they say yes then I'm going for it but slowly.

I will be starting another thread shortly on my own about trying to grow debt free, and while working a part time job on the side. I'm excited for this year and after about 5 years of talking about this can't wait to do it.

I can't believe how resourceful this site is. With the Search bar and members like Procut posting things like this. I literally spend 4-5hours easy a day on this site in the winter just learning from other members.
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