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Originally Posted by americanlawn View Post
I here ya RC --- I'd still like to see you & my "right-hand-man" go head to head in a productivity contest regarding ride-on production. (RC - you know who he is) My money is on MY guy.

He and I also spent over two hours in Lebanon driving all Z sizes. (just ask Scott, the parts guy for LT Rich) We also had a chance to see their carriers. So those folks saying it ain't true are certainly incorrect .... BTW I still run a truck bought from Andy Mohr, Indianapolis that we purchased that same weekend. Anybody need a pic of the Andy Mohr/Indianapolis decal? I can post a pic, cuz that's the best I can do right now from here. BTW that was a 500-mile trip (each way) for us.

About seriously testing equipment: WE were the only ones who did NOT go out to the bars the night before the TURFCO T3000 demonstration.

Any more questions?
Jealous?.............Who in the he ll on this site do you think is jealous cause they don't have a T?

There might be some guys that are very small operators that can't justify a ride-on at this time.

That's hilarious
Wouldn't it be nice to click on a thread without clicking off an ad?

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