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Originally Posted by americanlawn View Post
I here ya RC --- I'd still like to see you & my "right-hand-man" go head to head in a productivity contest regarding ride-on production. (RC - you know who he is) My money is on MY guy.

I am not going to make this a contest...but I ran ride ons for 3.5 years before taking my business to a new level and now I no longer have to run one.

But I will tell you that once a person has ran a ride on for several months they are no better or worse then a guy that has ran one for 10 years.

A have always said that a factory worker with 20 years of experience is really a guy that has 5 years of experience 4 times! That is the same thing for most jobs including running a ride on!

As far as production and effeciency...if I was on my Z Max and you on your T I would ALWAYS do more then you because of capacity.

You can't argue that a 60+ gallon machine that will hold 250# of fert running the same speed can't out produce a 16 gallon machine with a 120# hopper!

It is all about capacity!
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