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Originally Posted by zedosix View Post
My issue is not with pop-ups but with under ground drainage pipes in the winter that are connected to pop-ups. When the ground freezes the water has no where to go and ends up freezing at the downspout thereby causing damage to the surrounding area ie, brick or the downspout itself. Its very common up here. I hate using them and do warn my customers that there isn't a grand cure for removing water other than positive grading. I have in the past installed them but the owner had a very nice system of collecting the water which was basically a wide "tub" at the bottom of the downspout. Now it only worked when the ground was not frozen, about 8 months a year.
Good hearin from you Zedo! And that's what we need to hear, as what you described is my whole issue with pop ups. This topic now has 8 pages to it, but I think somewhere I try to express what you described as my concerns.

I go to great strides to provide our client's with top notch service, I take what we do very seriously and nothing less.

Top notch service goes beyond making pretty paver cuts.

It goes beyond overlapping the geo-textile fabric.

Top notch service goes beyond answering the phone everytime your client calls you.

Top notch service also derives from a contractors KNOWLEDGE. EXPERIENCE. AND WISDOM.

Like you said Zedo, pop ups are great....until the ground is frozen. Or until there is something frozen over them! Kinda like stamped concrete, I have seen some really nice stamped concrete pavements. Oh yeah baby, stamped concrete is real nice....until the ground freezes and the concrete cracks.

Pop ups are used in my area, but they're not real abundent. When they are used they're usually installed by contractors of lessor quality and / or competency.

I can't tell you how many yards I have stood in where I was called after the fact. You know, people had a patio done by someone else 4 years ago and now they want to add on to it or they want other work done and the guy that originally did work for them is no longer in business. So we stand there chatting and during the course of conversation the home owner will start talking about standing water or other issues deriving from the pop up that was installed. I look around the yard and BINGO! The problem is almost always that blasted pop up!

In our neck of the woods, you can usually avoid using a pop up emitter by grading, a dry well, or trenching a pipe and daylighting.

I think last year I priced one job that would have needed a pop up emitter. Luckily, for my own sanity - we didn't get it!

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