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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
Turfco Bob,

Your web site says 9 holes per square foot for the Aerator Pro 26 "Aerating Width: 26 1/2" (up to 9 holes per square foot)"

Does the plug count change much depending on how the square is measured?
Yes the hole count changes depending on how you locate the sq ft. In reality there are 6 holes in each sq ft on each pass. You really need to make two passes to get a good aeration job. All and I mean ALL rolling type aerators will be the same within a fraction of an inch on spacing and all will be 6 holes per sq ft. The weight requirement to get more holes per sq ft is just too high for a walking type unit. If you try to get them closer they also tend to tear the weaker turf. So we are and have been for 30 years stuck with what we have.
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