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Originally Posted by aclane2000 View Post
I'm intending on doing more organic lawn care for my mowing clients and I've heard that it should be an all or nothing thing. The reasoning is that synthetic fertilizers kill the biology in the soil, while the whole purpose of Organic style lawn care is to boost and nurture life in the soil and they will, in turn, nurture the plant life.
important word underlined.

Even if I'm using a slow release fertilizer should I still expect that it's harming the good stuff in the soil?
I wish I could find it, but someone posted a test that is rather telling. It was of a lawn that had been, and still was, on a regular synthetic program for years. SFI themselves did the test. They said that the fungal count was high, and the bacterial count was adequate.

Is there a certain element in fertilizers that does the damage and I just need watch out for it?
Note usually. In fact, most of the ions that are in fertilizers are produced by microbes themselves.

Is there a happy medium between all natural and synthetic?
YES! Bridge is ah-maze-ing!
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