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Originally Posted by jeffslawnservice View Post
Dude that great that you payed off the plow already. I did pretty good for those four storms. I was thinking of getting a plow but I only do drives right now and a plow wouldnt make me any more moey really right now so I figured I would wait until next year to get a plow. But I am definitly ready for spring if we get one or two more storms ill be happy.

I made it down there a day late and just went to some of the other class they had down there so I never actually took the ICPI classes but took other classes about the business side of stuff. I think Im going to that MAHTS thing in a few weeks ad will just take some classes about pavers and walls then.

But if you know anyone down anear you selling a dump insert let me kow I am in the market for one.
Yea i hear ya its way to late now to get a plow, i ran 5 snow blowers this year because we have a few large apartment complexes that we clear all the side walks some places take around 35 man hours to clear one place. As far as a dump insert ill look for one but not many guys around this way use them i kno maybe one or two guys that i have seen with dump inserts. HOws the dodge running?

Whats the plans for the spring marketing, new equipment, employees?
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