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Originally Posted by exmark user View Post
hey check out my pic thread at my new trailer blower and not new truck and see waht you think.
Will do. Trsiler Looks good but I'm not sure about Kawasaki blowers because I have never run one but definitly a good choice with an exmark.

Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
Yea i hear ya its way to late now to get a plow, i ran 5 snow blowers this year because we have a few large apartment complexes that we clear all the side walks some places take around 35 man hours to clear one place. As far as a dump insert ill look for one but not many guys around this way use them i kno maybe one or two guys that i have seen with dump inserts. HOws the dodge running?

Whats the plans for the spring marketing, new equipment, employees?
Dodge is running pretty good. It is definitly sort of weird to go from a F-150 that struggled to pull my trailer to the Dodge that I almost forget I am pulling it.

For spring I plan on trying to hand out some where between 5k-10k door hangers and I am hoping that these give me a good return because last year I had horrible results with a plain black and white flyer. I also want to get some lawn signs made up because I used one last year and I would put it on an Install job I would do and it worked pretty good. Another thing I plan on doing is where I live there is some community thing in the summer where businesses rent out a table and people come by and you can show them your work and give them a free pen or something. Ive noticed that there are never any landscapers at this and I think I am going to do this.

For new equipment I am definitly picking up hedge trimmer, weedwacker and probably another blower and a Stihl saw. Leaf loader probably closer to the fall. If everything goes right a plow closer to the winter and hopefully by this time next year a bigger trailer. And i am hoping to find a good used dump insert.

Employees I still have my main guy with me and ill probably use him more this year. My other guy that i used every now and then got a job at a hospital so I cant use him unless he is off work. But I want to find someone who knows what there doing and can work every now and then for when I get big jobs.

How about you, anything new, new accounts, how is that dump running?
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