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Originally Posted by JDUtah View Post
not very important? Ummm... helllllllllllo?

If microbes didn't produce ions (the same exact one's in fertilizers), how is non-soluble organic "fertilizer" made available to plants? Really, please answer this.

K'mon man! It is the very CORE of what you like so much about the association of plants and soil microbes!

JD, I was just trying to be nice and let you off the hook, rather than pick apart the phrasing you used. I was referencing my misunderstanding of what the heck you meant by your statement;
Note usually. In fact, most of the ions that are in fertilizers are produced by microbes themselves.
Do you mean that microbes make the same ions as are found in fertilizers or do you mean that microbes (themselves) produce the ions which are in fertilizers. The latter means that microbes are utilized to produce synthetic fertilizers.

Why do you instead use this to attempt to belittle? Iíve already stated my stance in one of the two current threads on the subject.

You continue to speak from a standpoint of ignorance. Just because the molecular structure of synthetic ions and natural ions are similar and just because various bacteria feed on ions in synthetic fertilizers does not equate to; there is nothing wrong with using synthetics supposedly responsibly or correctly.
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