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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
Yea i hear ya on that with not even knowing you have the trailer behind you. As far as advertising for the spring I'm planning on sending out 2500 post cards once in march once in april and then once in june or july all to the same households and see what kind of return i get on that in addition to that i am going to order around 5k door hangers and give them to my guys to keep them busy. We have around some sweet ads running in these golf course ads that go to the 12 richest golf courses around my area put over 2500 bucks into the ads so we better see a good return. Also looking at add a website in july next year and the dump truck is getting wrapped and the trailer is going to get lettered up.

As far as accounts i updated to 2 mil in insurance so im going to hit the phones hard this week calling commercial places trying to place as many bids as i can and see what the out come is, even if i don't get the job now these commercial places know my name and know who i am so hopefully next year i can get it with the. I didn't land the huge account i was trying to get i actually turned it down because it was just too big for me right now it would take a 3 man crew around 3 or 4 10 hr days to cut the place and they would leave no room for other expansion so i passed on that until maybe next year. Employees i have 5 work during the snow storm, one with me i the plow truck 4 guys in the dump. For the spring I added a third guys so the one guy and the new guy are gong to cut grass all day and me and the other guy are going to be doing the mulch and the installs in the dump truck, i hope i have enough landscaping work hat we can do this for the whole season.
Yea it might be tough with trying to have enough installs to keep guys working especially in this economy but you never know you might be able to land a few big installs and be busy for almost the whole year. ANd I hear you on not taking on that big account I had the chance to bid a school and church but when I was going over my numbers it would have taken me about 3 days to cut the whole thing and then they gave me a bunch of regulations of when I could cut and when I couldent it would have been sort of crazy so I passed on it.

I remember you were saying you were going to be advertising at a few wealthy golf courses. Hopefully that pays off. I'm trying to advertise to more wealthy people you can say becuase alot of my current customers dont want to pay for anything extra. Non of them want installs and alot dont even want mulch so I want to expand to a different client base. If you ever have the chance and arnt to busy I have a few questions on how to price plowing that you might know. Thats really the only thing I can not price at all.
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I dont run kawasaki i only run stihl just took it on trade just going to sel it.
Or just keep it around for a back up if you cant sell it.
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