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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
The issue here (and has always been) is your ignorant stance that chemical fertilizers cannot cause damage to soils (all inclusive) ....
Tell me Kiril, when have I EVER stated this? (Man you assume way too much.

and your grossly over simplified and incorrect statement that salts don't kill microbes (therefore chemical fertilizers do not) is merely a display of your ignorance.
Actually the incorrect statement began with "salts do kill microbes"

It is irrelevant if some microbes use the very same ions in their biological processes .... that was never an issue here ... well except that you are trying to make it one.
Actually it is a critical component. And I dare say much more than "some microbes" use these basic building blocks.

The issue with respect to soils (in general) is with short circuiting biological processes that build soils, reducing biological community diversity, excessive salt accumulation, and soil acidification, etc.... All of these can have wide ranging negative impacts on soil fertility and biology and plant health/yield.
I agree with this statement when read literally and standing on its own. YAY we agree on something!!
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