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Groundsmaster 72 Carb help

I am tinkering on a 300 series GM72 model 30780 serial # 90897 with a solex carb. It has a poor idle, has a tendency to pulsate/surge. High speed it is not there or I just cant tell it. The owner sent out the carb for a rebuild and it still does it. So now I am looking at the problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated on what I might be concerned with. It does not appear that the folks who rebuilt the solex did any re-bushing on the throttle plate arm. They did manage to screw up the O ring on the float bowl and insert a different float that doe snot appear to be adjustable (like the old one). Before I blow myself up with starting fluid looking for vacum leaks thought I would try this forum for a little advice. Thanks... Sure would be nice to find a blow up on this carb too.
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