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Alright - I am not aware of what happened to my response so I'll try again.

leaf debris, over irrigation heads, toys and other man made crap on the turf (like those amazingly small fischer price chinese plastic toys that are hard to see yet very dense)dog crap.

The only reel mower which passed this series of tests was my control mower, and old National 84" tri-plex that has reels hard enough to compress krypton. Since it had no front roller is cut everything and really flung the dog crap too.

However this machine is meant for acreage, not sites under 10,000 sq ft.

Additionally, utilizing both an optical prism and an emoscope there was no difference in appearance of the leaf tissue that was either sufficient to warranty sole operation of a reel mower nor was disease contributing at one and three day intervals.

I will not get into the cultural practices all of these sites were subjected to prior to commencing this mower trial. My results were:
The Hiayter was much more cost efficient to operate in terms of - speed since it was finished faster, was not damaged by debris to the extent the other reel mowers were, operator maintenance was easier (simply un-bolt one blade an change out with a freshly sharpened/balanced blade) striped as well due to the rear roller, bagged the debris much better and in terms of labor costs was the clear winner in fine turf mowing at the h.o.c. indicated.
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