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Originally Posted by ecoguy View Post
Hey guys. Happy 2011. Good discussian here Smallaxe. I think people are hesitant to give away their secrets - which is why your not getting the specifiities that your after.

Here's a few things I've found helpful:

- Focusing on the fact that squirt and fert is an outdated, dying technology and method. Organic is the future and the future has arrived.

- Explaining the difference between working with nature and working against nature and why the former works best

- Turn Organic principles into metaphors that fit your client's unique personality/ interests. eg. I have a customer who is a high profile investment broker with over 500 clients. When he began to lose patience with my organics I asked him how he would respond if his own client's said "hey, I invested with you 3 months ago and haven't seen any gains yet.?" Anything of value takes time and we should be skeptical of anything that doesn't.
Well said!
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