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Originally Posted by JDUtah View Post
Again, a personal attack against me instead of discussion about the things I state.

Speaking of clarity in what you are arguing... why exactly did you post this Tim?
No attack JD. Sorry if you take it that way but I know, no other way to say it. Also when someone says that someone is speaking from ignorance, this is also not an attack. This phrasing is often used in academic discussions.

I am arguing nothing and I posted the chapter so that other's including you might use it to gain a better understanding of what little we know of what is going on in the microbial nutrient cycle.

Your points that the molecular structure of ions derived microbially or synthetically are the same or similar does not really illustrate anything unusual or profound. I have stated this many times, as has Kiril and in this thread (or the other one) Natty (Matt) has hinted to you that you should pay attention to this.
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