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Originally Posted by aclane2000 View Post
Boy, it was painful reading through all that. But thank you guys for caring enough to share from your knowledge.
Obviously synthetics don't nuke all the life in the soil, but they do hamper it's growth when overdone. So I guess the question for me is, whats
"overdoing it"?
If I put down one or two applications of slow release fertilizer on a yard during the year, am I working against my attempts to increase microbial life in the soil by putting down compost, compost tea, seaweed, etc?
Yes, like Barry said the heated discussions happen often. I usually get involved when the toxicity of salts is discussed. Mainly because some well published people have, in my view, spread inaccurate information.

As far as your two applications of slow release fertilizer, no, I do not believe you will be harming your little guys. Of course this is my opinion. But hey, my green lawns and even greener when i add organic matter seem to think so too.

In the end you need to ask yourself what is just enough to get it to work. Just enough organic fert, just enough synthetic fert if any, just enough pest control, just enough irrigation to satisfy moisture and leach requirements.

Just enough is the goal, otherwise you are wasting the stuff in your wallet, and potentially wasting mother nature.
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