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Originally Posted by txgrassguy View Post
Nope - access any parts schematic on-line and attempt to locate the part entitled "anvil" on a reel mower.
Quite simply it doesn't exist.
Now search for either "bed knife" or "bed bar assembly".

Additionally you are quite incorrect regarding the reference that a reel mower operates in a "fixed cutting" situation.

Now, if you can - in the off chance - locate a reputable schematic that lists an "anvil" for a commercially spec'd reel mower I'll be the first to redact my previous comments.
-Additionally you are quite incorrect regarding the reference that a reel mower operates in a "fixed cutting" situation. -

just read the words on the post, I did not reference a reel mower, I referenced an anvil, and I will use your term because thats how we all refer to it, bed knife, a bed knife in any FIXED cutting situation. The "bed knife" is in a fixed position as it is bolted to a "BED" and in and of itself, not readily available for adjustment. Is it adjustable? You bet it is. Anytime you get down to using feeler gauge stock or refer to measurements in microns, even though on that particular piece of equipment there may be no "adjustments" to make. There is ALWAYS enough slop in the bolt holes, or the threads of the bolts, or the threads of the anvil bead, to "make an adjustment.
One would read any reputable schematic and read the term "bed knife" because I am correct in stating that, for years and years that term has been handed down, and as such, will obviously be referred to as one in the same. We all use the term because, we all use the term. If Mr. Bed Knife himself way back in the Spring of 1492 started calling it a "wingnut" we would all refer to it as a wingnut today and not bat an eye.
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