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Sure, One of my suppliers carry Howard johnson fert and have used Lesco. any respectable dealer should have a good product. ask around your area for a good supplier. I use preemergent material called barricade (trade name) prodiamine is the chem name I believe. you can apply this material early in the season and have good results. have a soil test done by the County extension or fertilizer sales rep now. take the results and have the sales rep set your program up for you. You can use the test results to decide what the grass needs, then shop around for the best prices on comparable material. consider using slow release material in the spring and summer and use all mineral in the fall/ early winter. grub control in late spring if this has been a problem. I will bundle my apps together using a fert plus grub control to save time. spray broad leaf weeds if you are not doing any spring seeding but better time is in the late fall for broadleaf if you are not under alot of weed pressure. not a fan of weed and feed materials seems they are a hit and miss type of thing.
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