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Originally Posted by Barefoot James View Post
Well you can talk IPM and PHC, NPK, TTF, BG, CG, AACT and ..... all the other stuff till you are blue in the face and the customer does not care. Being the lost cost provider is DONE - thats called True Green or Scotts. This thread is going nowhere as the real solutions here are not being discussed in depth - real life solutions (not theories) have been proposed here with little to no discussion.
Compelling copy has been stated - I myself have shown you what I do, Compost top dress over seed pretty simple and it works, Bill had some good 'compelling copy' suggestions and so did ecoguy. The rest of this thread is pointless.

The original question was -
What are some practical steps that are easily understood by clients, that maintain beautiful lawns?

Compost and seed - pretty easy to understand.
You may be correct, if the average Joe HO and business manager, believed that TGCL isn't doing th best job possible. Their turf is green, they've acceped the cost as reasonable, and their weed situation is within the limits they would expect...

The old adage comes into play, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

What I'm talking about is changing the idea of healthy turf, that doesn't need the crutch of synthetic life support without sounding like a 'Snake Oil Salesman'...

Very few people in my neighborhood believe that conventional lawn care is dangerous. Most believe the danger comes from tree hugging goofballs.

I am trying to move beyond the 'beliefs' of the average Joe. I know that turf doesn't need all the foolish apps done by people who make a living at applying those foolish apps. I see the propaganda on all sides of the foolish app issue, as does the client.

In reality, anyones belief system, doesn't change the reality of how the turf will perform. You can believe that over fertilization is making your lawn better, than soil building, but that doesn't make it so. However their belief system will never allow a foot in the door.

If I can get my 'foot in the door' I can save them money, and make for a healthy lawn with safe healthy environment for people and pets to live... but I need to get the foot in the door with something less expensive than a compost app, if possible. I agree that compost with overseeding in the spring, will out perform any squirt and fert, pre-m silliness that currently exists. However, average Joe agrees with most LCOs that the root inhibitor w/high N, is paramount to a healthy weed free lawn.
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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