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Originally Posted by Bogielski View Post
Forgot to mention that the average lawn for residential go for $30 - $40 1/4 acre - 1/2 acre depending on the amount of trimming.
Our hourly rate is $50 - $65.

My estimates were coming up to something like this:
Charge $25.00 per town-home = $900 per week for 8 months Mar - Nov.
$850 for pine straw, $3.00 per hedge = $1008, 700 for flowers,
650 per fertilizer application.

This would total = $35,016 for the year
I think that you are on the low end of the bid. It looks like it works out to just under $3k a month. Seems like alot of work for the money. If it was me bidding, now without seeing the property in person but I have seen many layouts on paper and have been able to come up with prices that are pretty close, I would be probobly around $6-7k a month. I am in the process of bidding a property now thats around 5 acres and the bid comes out to just over $100k a year. Another property that is probobly around 7 acres I do for $90k a year and that does not include fertilizer, tree trimming, etc. So I think you really need to re-evaluate the price.
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