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Originally Posted by zturncutter View Post
I was just wondering if any of you are seeing an increase in new Florida residents in your service areas ? I have been keeping busy this winter with Landscape and Hardscape work but these are all existing customers or folks that have lived here for some time and switched to our company for service.

Two of my customer's Houses that have been on the Market for a long time are starting to move. I am not talking short sales but rather PGI & BSI homes well over $ 500K. It is the extremely well maintained homes I am seeing sell. What I mean is, the homes with the Extras like Electric Storm shutters and Power Lift boat Docks as well as great landscape are the ones selling. But I agree it is nothing like the good times

Juan's Landscaping was my Company that I sold to my employees. They had to change the name because of a Law suit Lawn Doctor put on me. Lately they have send me several new customers after doing complete landscape installs on newly purchased homes. But once again nothing like the good times.

I guess my point is even with over 15% unemployment in our area, we are still working and people are Buying at least a little bit. As established Business we are able to pick off a few good new customers now and again. However I totally understand your fear about No New Customers. Our Economy is based on New retirees with deep pockets. Not to be Cold, BUT we are in God's Waiting Room, those new customers are short lived and must be replaced regularly.

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