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Originally Posted by Az Gardener View Post
For someone without much experience operating reel mowers you sure have a lot of opinions (Chili reference) I have moved away from reels mostly because I have not found a client yet that can tell the difference between a reel cut and a cut with a Walker mower. The reel will go dull in a heartbeat if you hit a decent sized rock. It will come out of adjustment just bouncing around in the back of a trailer. I love reels and I love the reel cut... but as a business man I have to look at the big picture and unfortunately there is little room for reel mowers these days. At least if you are a profit based business. I have not been able to test out the Hayder yet but I have to believe Tx. he seems to have a pretty good handle on the reel picture.
Hey Az,
um,,,,, I was the one that made the chili reference. Just so we are clear I didn't give an opinion about operating reel mowers. I shared my experience. Opinions are debatable and up for interpretation. A man's experience is not.
Over the last year I am sure I have made the mistake of typing, I think, or I feel, or It should ad infinitum. It will be, to the best of my ability the exception and not the rule. If I cant lead the sentence with, It has been my experience, if I were you or anybody on this site, I would discount it.
For the record, I am not interested in what anyone THINKS about this or that or whatever the situation is. I AM interested in your experience with, whatever it may be. Most of my adult life, people have demonstrated by their experience, what to do, and what not to do. That's what I'm hungry for.
*shruggin*, I'm just sayin.
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