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Originally Posted by Cloud9Landscapes View Post
I'm opinionated? That's news to me. I might be investigative, but not opinionated or biased necessarily, that is why I posted this thread. To see which reel mower was best. I have previously owned a homeowner cal trimmer and it cut my lawn like no other, I haven't been able to match the quality of that cut with any rotary. The proof for me is in the pudding.

Yes it is true that I do not have much experience in the lawn care industry, about 4 years. I have used my fair share of reel mowers. I have also damaged my reel mowers enough to tell which ones break easier, tru-cut always is the one with a bent reel. Go to any mower shop and see how many old Cal Trimmers you see compared to Tru-cuts. There are probably about 10 times as many tru cuts produced and sold and still in operation as trimmers so that # means nothingWhile reels may be finicky, you don't see anyone mowing golf greens with a rotary do you? No but like I mentioned as a professional operating a business profit is the measuring stick. If the client can't tell the difference why should I knock myself out shuffling reels to be lapped,sharpened etc. Loosing jobs because my bids are too high. Not to mention and forcing my guys who are busting their azz in 110 + heat to walk behind a 25"-27" mower when they can ride a 48"
You can have fun sitting on your walker cutting Bermuda at 1.5+ inches while I maintain my Bermuda at the proper height (1/2-3/4) and at the same time encouraging horizontal growth. I don't even know how to drive the damn thing, I have not cut a blade of grass in I can't remember how long. I used the cheapo reels from Pro Masters to Mc Clains Trimmers, Tru Cuts you name it for 15 years. You know I have never had a client measure the lawn or ask what height I am cutting at. And while I am a profit concerned business, In the long run I am quality concerned. My avg residential client spends nearly 1-K per month for our service I have several over 2-K so I know a bit about qualityPart of the reason why everything built today and done today falls apart or is made in China is because "quality isn't profitable" and that goes against my ideals. I'm in this business because it is my calling. Good luck with your calling slick

This thread is like any other thread posted here on lawnsite comparing equipment, just go into the "Which backpack blower is best" thread and see the variety of answers. I knew that I would get about 40 different answers when I posted it. That is why I said "I get the feeling I am comparing Nissan and Toyota. But when I comes to reels to rotary's, that is a completely different subject.
grnhed no worries but I have to say everyone in this thread is too uptight.

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