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[QUOTE=Cloud9Landscapes;3862593]I eventually bought a Eastman reel mower and have been happy with it thus far, I don't maintain enough bermuda to put it through the paces but after I redo a couple of lawns they will be established with Hybrid Bermuda and they will be maintained with the Eastman. Both the Tru-cut and Cal trimmer have their advantages. opinion 1 For instance, the drive roller on the cal trimmer can be rough on grass that has not been well established, where as the Tru-cuts weight can be rough and the swiveling casters really offer no real advantage, I always keep mine locked.

txgrassguy is correct, the proper terminology is "Bed knife" go ask anybody at a mower shop or a superintendent what a "Reel anvil" is and you will get confused looks, it is a bed knife.

I'm still not convinced that the hayter harrier will provide a clean cut in the long run, a rotary blade will dull much faster than a reel that is properly opinion 2 and dismissing Tx's consideable experience setup. And by properly setup I mean 1/1000 of a inch between the reel and the bedknife. You could use two feeler gauges for this on each end of the reel.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I still prefer the Eastman Cal Trimmer over the tru-cut in terms of construction and ergonomics. The Tru-cut has a cheap clutch assembly and there are way to many zerks. opinion 3 and 4 If I had the money and enough lawns to maintain in my area that were Bermuda, I would have bought a Locke. If you look in the"Post pictures of Bermuda lawns" thread you will find the lawns that are cut by Locke reels are incredibly nice. The floating reel that contours to the surface is found almost exclusively on greens mowers and high quality fairway mowers is found on the Locke. But I could have 3 cal trimmers for the price of one locke.

And all this from a guy who admittedly has limited experience. I made my post tongue in cheek just to stir the pot. I think the Chili is done.

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