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Okay you are making your self look desperate trying to win this stupid flame war by throwing out non sequiturs and red herrings.
It is quite clearly a fact that both Cal trimmers and Tru-cuts have their advantages, not an opinion. Somewhere on each mower something will be better, let it be something as major as the reel assembly or construction. Or as minor as ergonomics or a bolts tension. That's just simply logic that both have their advantages. Read my posts in this thread and you will see what i like and dislike about each mower.

I agree about tx's experience, but should I listen to him only? What about the veterans of the industry that have worked on golf courses for 40+ years? Should I discredit them because one guy? I have talked to several old time superintendents and they all agree in one thing, that a reels quality of cut is better. And I'm not doubting that Hayter delivers a great cut, but Is that even relevant to the topic?

I don't consider it an opinion when I have had more problems with the clutch on my tru-cut than any of the other reel mowers that I have owned. It is a simple fact that the tru-cut has more zerks than a trimmer. And thus, is one more thing to worry about. On page one of this thread you said the only reason you...eerrrr your crew...stopped using cal trimmers was because of ergonomics and that the drive assembly has a tendency to peel out, which I don't discredit.

And all this coming from a guy who admittedly "has not touched a lawn" in god only knows how long.

I hope you sleep well tonight for "proving" your points on a internet forum. And we all know that arguing on the internet is about a useful as tits on a boar. And that in the end, you will still have your opinion and I will still have mine.

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