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People that try to talk to me and watch me
People that want a seperate price for mowing and trimming 1 week
Peolpe that act like Im an idiot and dont know what Im doing
low limbs
dog **** people that leve there water hose on the lawn (they have to buy new ones every week )
People that ask me to hack down there garden with with a 10,000 mower and say thers nothing in there then you find page wire, stakes and lots of rocks
people that if I have a couple of lawns beside each other and I havent blown off there sidewalk start to sweep and i tell them Im not done
peopole that mess up my stripes by mowing over 2 feet as low as the mower will cut
people with an acre backyard and a 30 ionch gate
people that say do mow with those big mowers
peole that say they dont like stripes and thin somethings wrong with the lawn
fences CHEAP A$$ES
Kids at school that drive piece of Shets f 150 or old chevys with big tires and a smoke stack in the back of a gas truck that rev up there truck in auto mechanics class with rebel flags in the back of the truck saying my truck could pull your truck when i have a diesel along with tobacco juice running down there chin.
fat people that say they are disable (unless really something wrong)
people that work only when they need marlboros
people that live in a trailer park
the list goes on!!!!!!!!!!
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