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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
Yea Ill take a couple more little ones or one decent size one, for MAHTS Im just gonna drive down each day its only a 45 min drive to an hour so ill just drive down for the day and come home each night.

I have 4 stihl saws and i love them, my favorite is my ms 192 T, we have two of them, they are light weight, and cut through anything i like them cause you can cut with one had and grab other stuff with the other hand.
Is the ms 192 T a climbing saw? and just out of curiosity what did it run you because i was using a climbing saw before and really liked it because of the fact that you could like you said cut and grab the branch or direct it to where you wanted it to go.

I'm not sure what classes i am going to take but do you know what ones you are going to take an MAHTS?
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