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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
No offense to your TG friend. I am largely unimpressed with the work they do on my customers yards and in my neighborhood. I swear it's blue water and cat litter they put down.
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I have to agree too SFL. Just something to think about. Most often it seems TG's success is hit and miss and people know this. The ones that seem to go with them year after year are the ones that are most concerned about price or only call after they have a chinch bug invasion. They do not tend to be the ones that are going to care what you can do for their property, they only care about price. Now will your TG be able to help get your name out, for sure, but just be prepared to take the customers in stride.
Take your time finding a good chemical company that YOU like. Most likely if they are consistently doing good work, they are not paying their techs **** wages, and are applying the proper nutrients and their price will reflect it. The customer that does not paying for quality will be with you longer........also when you recommend them to existing clients....your name does not go out the window nearly as often as they will be less likely to screw up than a TG guy.

Just my thoughts. But you are heading in the right direction....any networking is good networking.
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