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Originally Posted by jeffslawnservice View Post
I get my salt and calcium through a supply company for fertilized and a other landscape products. Its cheaper for me to buy it through them vs lowes or home depot. If you can find one of these supply places in your area. Also I would try to sell her on calcium over salt, salt can do damage to pavers and concrete. Its more expensive but worth it IMO. Also if you are putting it down on pavers make sure they are atleast 1 year old because from what I hear you can damage them if you put salt or any de-icing product on newly installed pavers. Also make sure you spread it evenly I have had idiots work for me and take a hand full and just drop it into a pile and expect it to cover a whole driveway.
Ok thanks,whats what im using,lol forgot to say that but yes calcium the good stuff,so it wont hurt the drive way.and i dont think i need to go to a supply place home depot and lowes always works for me lol.But not going to be using it on the pavers,but thanks i really appericate your help and ok thanks for the tips on spreadinmg it,ill just use my hand a one of the home depot type buckets.But thanks alot
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