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Originally Posted by jaybow View Post
How many feet long is the bed on the chevy, minus the dovetail. Did you just add the dove tail and drop gate or was it originally that way? I like it. How does it workout for you? Is it a little cheaper and easier then pulling a trailer. It looks like it would be to tall to get into my garage maybe though.

Thanks yeah I love it, it was one of the best investments... There is still a few things I would like to do to it, hoping to get around to those this year. Its one of a kind I tella ya... Nah it wasn't like that when I bought it here is what it looked like when I bought it.

It was just a 11ft stake body construction truck when I saw it for sale. As it sits now without the dovetail it has a 12ft flat bed when they added the dovetail I had them weld a foot on to the existing bed. From front of the truck to back with the dovetail it is 28ft long with the gate up with it down its 32ft long. As far as the cost yeah it is a little cheaper than you all that use trailers... As far as pullin a trailer yeah its a whole lot easier I can get in areas that some trailers can't. Before I bought it I used a trailer for a while there good don't get me wrong but havin this truck to me is way better. As far as the height it is tall with the toolboxes on the racks it won't fit under most drivethru's and or garages I have a 13ft door on my pole barn and it fits perfect in there. That other thread shows pretty much what I have done to it. Thanks again buddy
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