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Originally Posted by 93Chevy View Post
Grass Guys, I really like that 3500HD. Two questions. First, did you paint the wheels black or did you have them powder coated? Secondly, you guys run Walkers. What do you do with the clippings? I didn't see anywhere to dump on the truck.
Thanks man, I painted those wheels, I was gunna powder coat them but thought 600 was a little too much when I can spend 150 a year and have my buddy paint the whole landscape body and wheels. I think I'm gunna try to get some simulators this year I don't know though I like the blacked out look...

Secondly, yeah we run Walkers,(in my opinion best mowers out there by the way) for the most part I either leave them at the jobsite or put them in my other truck and haul them off... I know not the best way I have been rackin my brain this winter tryin to figure out another way to do it. Cause honestly I hate puttin the clippings in bags doesn't take alot of time got it down to less than a minute but its just a poa... This year I'm either gunna buy a dump trailer and put a custom drop gate on it like one of my buddies have done. And haul it behind my Dodge or I would love to do this saw this video on on youtube the other day... I know it would prolly be expensive as all get out but hell it would be worth it...

Watchin it again man I would love to have somethin like that whoever came up with that is a genius...

As soon as I figure out what I'm gunna do I'll take some pictures and upload them on here. Good Luck 93chevy on this upcoming Season!!!!
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