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Originally Posted by grass guys View Post
Thanks man, I painted those wheels, I was gunna powder coat them but thought 600 was a little too much when I can spend 150 a year and have my buddy paint the whole landscape body and wheels. I think I'm gunna try to get some simulators this year I don't know though I like the blacked out look...

Secondly, yeah we run Walkers,(in my opinion best mowers out there by the way) for the most part I either leave them at the jobsite or put them in my other truck and haul them off... I know not the best way I have been rackin my brain this winter tryin to figure out another way to do it. Cause honestly I hate puttin the clippings in bags doesn't take alot of time got it down to less than a minute but its just a poa... This year I'm either gunna buy a dump trailer and put a custom drop gate on it like one of my buddies have done. And haul it behind my Dodge or I would love to do this saw this video on on youtube the other day... I know it would prolly be expensive as all get out but hell it would be worth it...

Watchin it again man I would love to have somethin like that whoever came up with that is a genius...

As soon as I figure out what I'm gunna do I'll take some pictures and upload them on here. Good Luck 93chevy on this upcoming Season!!!!
Holy crap $600 for powder coat? I sent mine to get sandblasted and powder coated for $15/wheel. I couldn't even paint them properly for that price.

Yeah, good luck figuring out what to do with the clippings. That's one thing I like about trailers. You have the bed space for the clippings, but then you also have to worry about a trailer. Maybe somebody will come up with the perfect setup. Maybe a cabover landscape truck with a small dump bin right behind the cab.
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