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Originally Posted by Barefoot James View Post
So how do you inoculate? Bill is your biochar already inoculated?
Yes it is inoculated with different teams of microbes and different metobolic triggers

for instance there is an excellent nitrogen fixer (in trials we are getting 40 lbs of N per acre, for free) which, when triggered with the right compound, also produces Auxin, a rooting hormone, if you throw our Rhiz-O-Char hydrochar in a hydro seeder by the time the seed germinates the soil is producing Auxin, which facilitates a larger root mass and gets the seedling off to an excellent start

we had a golf course mix it into their divot mix and really liked the results, the trouble came when the put it in the divot boxes on the tees, in 3 or 4 days the seed had germinated, can you say ch ch ch chia pet

we have several golf courses that hydro seed after disturbing areas and do not use chemical fertilizers anymore

1 pound treats an acre
we also have an ericasious mix for that species (it is used in organic blueberry production) and a hydroponic mix, the trials have been going on for over a year and they have never had to fertilize the plants, pretty cool

char is an excellent media for microbes, we call it the "carbon condo", they also use their condo for food and to increase colony numbers, if you think about compost teas and how the microbes have to immediately compete with the ones that are already there, that is not the case when using inoculated char, the microbes are well fed and relatively safe form others, they can get their colony numbers relatively quickly without competition
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