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Originally Posted by michaelthomas1 View Post
I do 4 apps on homeowners shrubs-bushes in Tennessee.
Feb.-Dormant Oil -Montys Joy Juice(1 oz. per gal)
March(General insecticide-Montys Joy Juice)
April ( General insecticide-fungus-Montys Joy Juice)
May (General insecticide-fungus-Monys joy Juice)

It works well,especially Montys Joy juice for thick ,full- shrubs bushes.
I want to due all organic. Any advice for the 4 apps without injections?
What are the pests at hand, and what kind of shrubs?

Soil conditions. What is the OM? What kind of microbial habitat can the soil sustain?

And what of your client's tollerance for damage?

That's a good place to begin!
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