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Originally Posted by DLAWNS View Post
I used to hate it too, but than I got addicted to it! lol
i still hate it but it does keep in touch with certain ppl...

i was thinkin bill... sandblasting the insert might actually be the best way to go for one reason... what a pain in the rump it is to remove ff! i never got around to putting the thread together but when i redid our western plow over the summer i powerwashed at least 3 times and there was still ff left on it

my dad brought up a possible good point... is it basically looks that make you want to clean it up? maybe you should just take the time to clean up the outside and leave the inside coated with ff since no matter what you do it's gonna take a beating. he kinda compared it to the ppl who come into the shop with a car with 250,000 miles on it that's 20 years old, refuse to get rid of it but hate the way it looks so they want it painted. then they find out a paint job costs at least 5 grand when the car aint even worth 1 and all of a sudden the old paint n rust look fine again

oh and he also asked when you were droppin it off i snatched a couple of pics of a cousins plow, i'll get them posted when i get some free time. hope u got sleep after the storm, i was up 34 hours straight and still aint recovered
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