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Basically, on the outside of the insert, the only part that is getting beat up is the tailgate. It used to look nice with my logo and American flags and stuff but the paint has since come off than just looks bad. The only reason I am at all concerned about the inside of the bed is because it has come up in chunks if that makes sense and I am kinda worried that one day the bottom will more or less fall out, lol. I figure getting it cleaned up and some paint back on it would prolong it a bit, but maybe it wouldn't even be worth it. I wonder if even if I painted it, if the first few times I put grass clippings and stuff in it if it would just eat it up again...not really sure....I might just keep with fluid filming it a few times a year to keep the rust down.

I pretty much caught up with sleep the next day...the baby didn't really want me to fully recover so I will slowly catch up with sleep over the next week, lol.
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