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This Is For The Toro Company

Or anyone else that may be able to help in my purchase......

I was in my local Toro dealership on Friday to purchase a "new" grandstand. Its a 23 hp with a 48" deck. The list price is $7899.

I asked them specifically if this was last years model, or this years, as I saw it on the floor (same one) last August. They said they weren't like cars, and they don't have model years.

Seems from what I have been reading, the 23/48 is actually a 2009 model?? And we are in 2011. Is that correct? I see now that the option for that mower is a 24/48 with several upgrades, posted earlier in this discussion by the Toro Company.

Also, it seems this price is a little high...any comments?

I am really excited to purchase a Grandstand, but feel I have been mislead, or is it possible this is a 2010 model?

Any feed back I can take back to the dealer before I purchase one next week would be appreciated.

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