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Originally Posted by aclm View Post

I am really excited to purchase a Grandstand, but feel I have been mislead, or is it possible this is a 2010 model?
The 23 hp motor, from what I understand, is not available on the newest models. Not to discredit your dealer but we have a 23/48 model and it is very much inferior to the new 24 hp models from my perspective. Many people in my area are trying to dump their 23hp models and get the new ones bc of the upgrades. (me included). Still a good mower but I would NEVER pay that much for an inferior model even if it is new.

I would strongly advise getting one of the new models, you can easily differentiate them by the hp motor. The new models, from what I have read, must have the different motors due to a class action lawsuit. What this is all ab I don't know but something ab actual hp ratings versus what the sticker on the motor says.

Hope this helps, buy a new one dude, our parks service just got one and it is so much nicer than mine. Look at the Exmark Vantage as well, seem to be more welded parts and less bolts, better engineering. just better built to me. Obviously almost the same mower with a few different components but I like vantage slightly better.
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