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Bulk compost question

I'm interested in offering organic compost topdressing to my customers. There is a large recycling facility that makes their own compost in bulk by combining leaves, brush and 'source separated food waste'. They then let it decompose for 6 months and monitor the process. They have reports available on the finished product which says it has 48% organic matter, 7.08 PH, and the following % dry weight results:
N 1.7
P .84
K .77
Ca 2.5
Mg .5

I'll admit, I'm a 100% synthetic licensed applicator looking for another option. I'm humble and looking for some input here guys. I really like to know what I'm using before I offer it and wanted to see if the above information is helpful in recommending this product or not for turf topdressing. Maybe I'm reading into this too much, but I prefer to be informed.

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