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If $4500 isn't a quick sale on that quality of a mower, I don't know what is, brother. $3200 is like giving it away to the nearest thrift store. But hey, it's your money. If I lived anywhere near you I'd take full advantage of your generosity and pay you your $3200 as quick as humanly possible. Then, I'd quick as humanly possible put the mower up on craigslist as soon as I got home and sell it that night for $4500 cash. In this world, it NEVER MAKES SENSE to leave money on the table...I don't care if you're Donald Trump! Don't confuse wanting to sell something now with selling for a reasonable and attractive number. $5500 on that mower is a longer sell that you'd have to workk for...not $4500. $3200, like I said before, is a donation. I'd buy all the Turf Tigers you owned for that sum...every last one of 'em.
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