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Originally Posted by quackgrass View Post
Really? Optimum means must favorable, not most growth.
Yes .... really. I intentionally stress plants ..... "optimum growth" suggests providing conditions which do not lead to stress ..... i.e. no shortage of nutrients or water.

Originally Posted by quackgrass View Post
Right, that would be optimum, and to do that you would want to use the least amount of nutrients possible. Fertilizing in the manor I described is a great way to insure you don't encourage luxury consumption.
I'm not following you here given it is very unlikely you (or anyone else) has the data necessary to make this determination. I don't believe in blanket assumptions, nor do I believe that synthetics are generally necessary in your typical properly managed landscape .... particularly in non-turf areas. IMO, if you want to minimize inputs you need to find the breaking point of your landscape plants, then maintain your resources at a level that is slightly higher than that (i.e. one that doesn't impose too much stress on the plants).
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