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Ok, I'll start it off.
My vote goes to Hustler. I owned another very popular brand, (and have ran several different makes and models) but wasn't satisfied with it at all, so I purchased a new Super Z back in August of 2009. It has the 60" XR-7 deck with a 31 hp Kawasaki engine. I haven't put but only 70 hours on it so far, but I couldn't be anymore pleased with the machine.
It came a good rain one time when I was trying to finish up a yard and the deck got completely stopped up with grass clippings. I had to dig it out by hand a couple times. I didn't like the idea of the deck getting clogged like that but it's really no big deal to me.
I had a problem at around 18 hours that liked to have gave me a fit but all it was, was a stopped up fuel filter. Dealer said it was ethanol and water that caused the filter to go bad. But it's fixed now and was covered under warranty.
I believe I have the Best dealer out there for Hustler. He backs his customers 100%. I know him personally, because I help him sometimes (he's only about 2 miles from me).
I know there's quite a few brands out there that makes really good ZTR mowers and products. But from all the information I've read and people I've talked to, I truly feel that Hustler has the best Customer Service there is out there. Period.
As it stands now, I won't buy another brand.

I know that we are only allowed to vote for 1 mower brand. BUT... If I had to choose a 2nd brand out of all the ones listed, it would be Bob-Cat no questions asked.

Ok, Who's next to post?
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