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Anyone Using Volt Light Fixtures with LED Lamps?

I was checking out the Volt series of solid brass fixtures on LLW and dang those things look pretty nice! Very close to same quality and look as Unique, which I already love. I got to thinking to myself, "Maybe I could get the best of both worlds! The look and quality of Unique, mixed with the [labor and wire] savings and longevity of LED technology" by using these fixtures combined with, say, the Illumicare LED spots.

I am kind of starting to like this idea.

The problem currently is that it's very hard to find an LED fixture that is really high end quality (e.g. brass) but also with an LED lamp in it. By the time you add LED lamps into a Unique fixture, you're REALLY expensive. But this could be a really good solution to that problem. Best of both worlds.

Anyone already doing that? Feedback on how LED lamps work with these units?
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