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Wow. That was rather rude. Oh, wait a minute. I see you're from Indiana. Ok. Makes more sense now....

I understand your rush to judgment given where you're from. But next time try reading more than one of my posts before you pipe off with your assumptions. You'll end up looking a little smarter.


If you ever read any of the other hundreds of posts I've made in the lighting forum over the years, I've always been a huge fan of Unique. I love the look. Love the warranty. Love the quality. Love the service.

I only recently I said that I was impressed with Kichler LED lights and was considering switching to them. If you had bothered to read what I wrote, you'd note that what I was impressed with was the fact that they don't fade at lower voltages like every other manufacturer's lamps did in the test they were showing me.

But I'm not impressed with how all of their fixtures look.

This fixture (at $145 list price);

Just doesn't look anywhere close to as nice as this fixture (at $108 list price);

And I've actually had customers chose Unique over Kichler LED in the past few months specifically because they really didn't like the look of the Kichler fixtures. I know it shouldn't matter what the fixture looks like. And that's a great theory and all. I agree with it, to an extent. But the problem is that many clients actually DO care about what the fixture looks like. They also care about things like quality of the product and warranty.

So unless I'm missing something, the Volt product looks pretty dang nice, is made of solid brass, is less expensive, and has a lifetime warranty. I admit I haven't used their product. So if you got a stick up your butt about their product (equating it to home depot crap) then do tell! Tell me why you think going to the Volt line is so unprofessional, Mr. lighting genius of Indiana.....

Anyway, I wasn't saying I'm ditching Kichler. I'm just at a juncture this year where I'm seriously looking at going to LED and not installing as much Unique lighting as I have in the past. I was pretty interested in Kichler just based on what they showed me. But I was thinking to myself this might be another way to go.

Again, if you got a problem with why that's not a good idea, do tell. It would be better than just piping off like an ******* without explaining yourself.
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