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Since I've had help this last year I was able to go back to wearing shorts in the heat. Otherwise I just stuck to jeans most of the year.

I also wear a straw hat, actually just picked up a new one from Bass Pro the other day. I go with short sleeve and I MUCH prefer the ployester wicking shirts. NOT under armor though. I bought one and compared to my walmart $6 cheapos the UA was a complete joke! Felt like I was wearing a garbage bag!

I've also contemplated going to long sleeve button up shirts, and long pants always. I know it's supposed to be cooler if you are covered up but I've never found that to be true. I'm 32 now though and I've got to start keeping the sun off of my skin more... Sun screen just doesn't work as I can't ever get into a routine of putting it on every day, sometimes 2x a day.

For shoes I've been wearing Vasque hikers. I also have a pair of redwing steel toe boots. I wear a 15 though and the steel toe boots look more like clown shoes and are pretty hard to get around in! Not a big fan but I paid a freaking fortune for them! Next time I'm going with the murells. The Vasque ones just aren't holding up like they should.
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