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offer variety

Interesting Thread. As an outdoor lighting designer in the Dallas Fort worth area I have found that offering a variety of led fixture options is very advantageous. Most mfg's are offering 15 year warranties with their led lines, and a 40,000 hour life. Most are in the same competitive range of pricing. So that being said, I demo several options depending on the clients specific application(s) for their property.

The design aspect is what I believe adds the most value in developing a true custom led outdoor lighting system for a client. Color temperature is key. For example, lighting the exterior facades typically will require a consistent warm color temperature for best effect. Normally I demonstrate a slightly cooler temperature when tying in the landscape. In Dallas, the moonlighting capitol of the world, most of my clients prefer a 5500 kelvin led to produce a moonlighting effect.

So, with all that said, my imput on the thread is this. Sell design, not fixtures. I use 3-4 different mfg's and they all have strengths and some weaknesses. I tell the client upfront, that I am not married to one particular mfg and I choose the best light source based on the application(s) per their property and I know which mfg's are up to the task. Very seldom does the look of the fixture come into the equation. If you are timid about selling led lights at 275-350 per installed price, then you may have a rough go at succeeding in this industry. I never ever discuss fixture price, only installed price.

I hope this has been helpful.

Craig Smith
Dallas Fort Worth Outdoor/Landscape Lighting
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