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Originally Posted by Kidder View Post
As far as rough grading and final grading goes how specific should the builder be. What would you consider a rough grade and what is considered a final grade.
The biggest issue we have here is how far from the house does the grading include. Some of the subdiv. here maybe like you, the lots are 1 acre and larger, so make sure you clarify how from the house the grading is to extend.

The rough grade is basicly just smooth so that works can drive and work around the house without issue. It has to be a postive grade away from the house of course.

Final grade is basically ready to landscape. Make sure that you clarify who is providing topsoil if not enough was generated during excavation.

Also not mentioned earlier is clarify if they want the entire foundation hoe packed along with utility trenches. Also clarify if you are preparing surfaces for concrete placement and what that will entail IE type of material to be used, compaction and to what degree of accuracy.
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