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I believe it is Embark or something like that????. I bought it off a friend of mine who does this all the time..and i think thats what he said...i liked it. I trim the bushes/shrubs back and follow the label mix rate and just soak the plants. You can t do it when it is too hot or you will certainly get some serious yellowing, but that will fade with a dose of 10 10 10, but not too much. The product allows the plant to become bushier without any branches to have rapid growth out so i primarily use it for my hedge rows and it does an amazing job thickening them up. IT is a HUGE time saver and last for most of the season but about september, its time for another trim and treatment. Lighter in the fall tho b/c there wont be as much growth. Hope that helps....and you have to excuse me...but...little green meatballs and lollipops? Maybe its b/c im tired but i dont get it
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