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Snow, snow, ice, mud, rain, sun, ice, rain, more mud.....that's about it here. Shop was built back in July and just now getting around to pouring the concrete sometime next week. We've been taking it pretty easy this winter really. Equipment is getting serviced from batteries and alternators to belts to tires to oil changes to mower tune-ups to joysticks in the T250 (ouch) etc. As I tell my mechanic, "if it won't last a year, replace it".

Picked up two box trucks and they're being outfitted with their dovetails in preparation for lawn mowing crews and later wrapped in some extravagant way to display who we are. I'd say a new look but more like an organized look of explaining who we already are (same logo) and a new website are being launched in a few more weeks. Big plans/changes this year.....that sounds so easy.

Anybody going to GROW?
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